Erica Flores

9 new trailers you should watch this week

Welcome to the largest annual trailer week, also known as TV Trailer Week. This is the week TV networks present glimpses of their new shows to advertisers, trying to win engagements ahead of show premieres later this year. Naturally, those trailers also end up in line.

I love seeing all of the early trailers because they are incredibly clunky and weird most of the time. At this point, the shows have only filmed one pilot episode, so a trailer for them is basically a three-minute tour through a 20-minute TV episode. Not surprisingly, a lot of them are pretty bad, but there are always some gems.

I’ve included a few highlights below, but if you want to see all of them, you can check out the trailer trailers for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and more.

Take a look at nine trailers from this week below.

Maleficent: mistress of evil

First Pernicious It wasn’t a critical success, but it was a huge box office hit in 2014. So naturally, Disney is giving it another shot. Evil lover puts Angelina Jolie back in the role of antiheroes, seemingly ready to start a war for … something or another. It’s not very clear. The movie comes out on October 18.

Black mirror

It’s hard to make much sense of a Black mirror trailer, but you’ve got all the basics here: some well-known actors, some creepy tech, and tons of great shots. Three new episodes arrive on June 5.


Here’s my only note on recent horror trailers: You need to steer clear of spooky fiddles until spooky things start to happen. Anyway, Midsommar It’s sure to be a horror hit this summer: it’s the next film from the director of Hereditary, and her pastel color palette and dreamy images are the perfect backdrop for some very mysterious twists. The movie comes out on July 3.

Big lies

The latest trailer for Big liesThe second season spends time showing how life goes on for its stars in messy new ways. And naturally it shows a lot of Meryl Streep, which is the great addition of the season. The show returns on June 9.


The CW took a first look this week at its adaptation of Batwoman, which has Ruby Rose playing Kate Kane, one of the last incarnations of the character. In its pilot show, at least, the show is trying to develop the character’s feminist creed. She also wears a Ramones shirt. The show arrives this fall.


Fox has a new series that is basically about whether Alexa got sensitive and then spread to all of technology and started killing people. On the one hand, Next It sounds like you’re playing on tech fears in the same way science fiction always has, but one thing is particularly interesting: You have an early tech leader to sound the alarm, just like we’re seeing with many former Facebook Executives today. . The series debuts next year.


One of the new ABC series has a Strange thingsA picturesque touch, with a mysterious girl appearing out of nowhere and causing a lot of inexplicable trouble. It should start sometime this fall.

Nancy drew

Warner Bros. just released a modern one. Nancy drew adaptation in theaters, and now The CW is giving the character a very different spin, one that is much more stylized and darker. The show will start this fall.

The mountain

This is the Jeff Goldblum role you were looking for.