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22 million Macintosh users are waiting for Leopard

A report published by AppleInsider indicates that the new Mac OS X was released last week to a group of developers and that it has some features that until now were not public, as well as that Leopard will not be available until within a few weeks.

It is that same place that is stated: “With a number of familiar issues and a bag full of ‘top secret’ features still undisclosed and untested, it seems highly unlikely that the Cupertino-based company will be able to open the door and let your new feline go out on the street shortly ”. When the new operating system is ready to be commercialized, analysts at Bank of America believe that Leopard will add many millions to Apple’s revenue, when this happens we will be in the second quarter of 2007.

As a final note, AppleInsider cites sources warning that Apple will not update its iPod lineup until the end of the year, perhaps with a new model similar in size to the video iPod but using Falsh memory.