Erica Flores

1TB SD cards are finally one thing you can …

The first flash memory products under the Lexar brand after their acquisition and recall are here, and what better way to start than to set a mass storage milestone in SD? That’s right, you can now buy what appears to be the first commercially available, legitimate 1 terabyte SD card.

SanDisk showed a 1TB SD prototype a couple of years ago, but the final product never made it to market. However, Lexar’s 633x professional line of SDHC and SDXC UHS-I cards is now on sale in capacities from 16GB to the flagship 1TB. That card claims read speeds of up to 95MB / s and write speeds of 70MB / s, though it only rates as V30 / U3, ensuring sustained write performance of 30MB / s.

As always, there is a price premium associated with this advance in capacity; you will pay more for a single 1TB card than for two 512GB cards. Lexar has set the price at $ 499.99 for this model, although B&H has it available to order at $ 399.99, which is still an increase given that the same retailer has multiple 512GB cards for less than $ 150. But if you are For a videographer or content creator looking to make your life easier when handling a large number of 4K images, the added convenience may be worth it.