Maria Montero

11 People Accused of Illegally Selling Folding Screen Technology …

Nine individuals and two companies have reportedly been charged with illegally selling Samsung Folding screen technology to a Chinese rival.

According to a report Per Bloomberg, the CEO of a Samsung supplier and eight of his employees received $ 13.8 million for a conspiracy to transfer knowledge of organic light-emitting diodes.

The names of the companies and individuals have not been released.

Samsung has said that it is “surprised by the results of the investigation by prosecutors, at a time when competitors are intensifying their technological rivalry.”

Last month samsung sleepless your nameless folding smartphone, currently known as the Galaxy F at its developer conference, and the company will apparently make as many as 1 million units Of the device. Now appears that the device will be priced in the range of $ 1,900 to $ 2,500, which is roughly Rs 1.35,000 to Rs 1.76,000, which is quite steep.

Samsung’s folding smartphone. Image: Reuters

The CEO of the DJ Koh company recently said that, “possibly when we start selling the folding phone, it may be a niche market … but it will definitely expand. I’m sure we do need a folding phone.”

Samsung describes its foldable phone technology as the Infinity Flex Display and said that mass production of the device should start in a matter of months.

The tablet screen has a resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels which gives it a 4.2: 3 aspect ratio and a 7.3-inch screen size. When folded, the device is an 840 x 1960 screen with a high aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a screen size of 4.58 inches.