WX-010 and Restio ISX-18D, Yamaha's new connected speakers

WX-010 and Restio ISX-18D, Yamaha’s new connected speakers


The Yamaha firm announced two new speakers that are added to the MusicCast range, these are the models Yamaha WX-010 and Restio ISX-18DBoth with minimalist designs that have the objective of blending into the living room decoration and at the same time offering the best possible stereo and powerful sound for the enjoyment of the home.

The Yamaha WX-010 and Restio ISX-18D speakers are created under the multiroom concept, both have wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay for Apple, facilitating the process of connectivity with almost any device without using cables.

The Yamaha Restio ISX-18D It has an elegant design, in which a clock was incorporated into its screen and it also has an alarm function and a DAB radio function, to be able to have this device in the bedroom or in the kitchen. It has a two-way bass reflex system, has an aluminum casing and is available in white or black.

In the case of other rooms in the home that only require the integration of a powerful speaker, the model will be very convenient. Yamaha WX-010, which has a discreet size but do not confuse you, because its power is unique, it can also be connected in pairs with another unit to offer stereo sound throughout a room. It is available in both white and black.

The Yamaha system MusicCAST, makes it possible through the home’s WiFi connection to access a large number of sources to enjoy the best music and sound: from streaming services such as Spotify, or television, including the music library on the computer.

It is also possible to use the speakers Yamaha WX-010 and Restio ISX-18D to play music directly from a smartphone or tablet, using Bluetooth technology and Apple AirPlay.

The Yamaha Restio ISX-18D is priced at 299 euros and the Yamaha WX-010 is priced at 169 euros.