iphone 6s plus review

Will your accessories work with the new iPhone 4?

Since the new iPhone and iPod models that have appeared in the past, included changes in the circuitry that made existing accessories obsolete, and that the new iPhone 4 presents a very different design from its predecessors, users who have valid accessories for older iPhone models, they wonder if these will be compatible with the new model.

Obviously, since the exterior design of the new iPhone is completely new, the protective cases of previous models will not work. The new iPhone 4 is thinner, with straighter edges and narrower overall. However, and as has happened with the iPad, some case manufacturers already began to present new cases for the iPhone 4 before it was available, although not all of them will be valid for the iPhone 4. For this reason, it is recommended that Before purchasing a case for the iPhone 4, let us test it directly with it, to avoid operating problems.

All of this can be extended to other existing accessories, such as protective stickers for the screen, wired and wireless headphones, microphones, chargers, speaker systems, FM transmitters, video accessories, keyboards and other accessories, since in its immense Most will be affected by one other aspect when it comes to working properly with the new iPhone 4.