el iphone SE tiene lector de huellas dactilares o digitales y será compatible con Apple Pay

When buying the iPhone SE is worth it, or how Apple …


Is it worth buying the iPhone SE or buying a mid-range Android? This is the dilemma. Until now, mid-range Android users had it clear: they couldn’t buy an iPhone because they couldn’t afford it. However, things are about to change as the launch of the iPhone SE in Spain is scheduled for mid-April. And it is that the price of the iPhone SE in Spain will be € 489, that is, the price at which the upper-middle-range Android phones move.

In light of the above, the iPhone SE may be the ultimate iPhone. The iPhone that would forever shake the world of mobility and seduce, perhaps without return, a large part of Android users. Is the iPhone SE worth buying? Its advanced features and affordable price make it one of the most interesting smart mobile terminals of the moment.

And is that if we consider its price and compare it with what a mid-range mobile costs in the Android operating system, the iPhone SE is positioned as one of the best options for those who have a tight budget when renewing the mobile.

Thus, money can no longer be the obstacle that separates an iPhone user. It is possible then that many users who until now carried a high-end Android mobile phone consider the possibility of getting an iPhone SE … So far the money is the problem.

But, How to know if the iPhone SE is worth buying instead of a mid-range Android. And it obviously depends on the type of user, for example, a Mac user, he would probably prefer an iPhone if he could pay for it … Especially if he is an advanced user of the Apple ecosystem, since the Mac-iOS integration is more natural than the one that Mac-Android relationship. However, a computer user who basically does everything on Google and its applications will most likely opt for an upper-middle-range Android.

As it must be said, we cannot hide the fact that Apple phones have a programmed obsolescence that is longer than the Android average. It has happened to all Android users that after one or two years of using the terminal we see how the daily operation begins to become heavy or slow. On the contrary, Apple phone users have more opportunity to get a return on their investment for a longer time because the iPhone usually lasts more years in an acceptable performance even if the new generation arrives.

The truth is that the arrival of an iPhone at a competitive price will invigorate the mobile phone market and give users the power to really choose which terminal they want beyond which terminal they can pay for. In the end, the iPhone SE could mean the democratization of iOS. We will see.