Cómo usar WhatsApp Web sin Tener el Móvil

WhatsApp How to use WhatsApp Web without having a Mobile I still remember when WhatsApp was so simple than any similar application …

I still remember when WhatsApp was so simple that any similar application was much better than the app in question, little by little it was adding more and more options and one of those functions that ended up enchanting us and making our life much easier is without a doubt WhatsApp Web, at least for all of us who use the PC during the day for work, leisure, study, etc.

It’s been a long time since WhatsApp It allows us to chat without having to constantly be aware of the mobile device, a feature that alternative apps to this one had a long time ago and that users have been crying out for for a long time and that, finally, a little more than a year ago we have available, although even today there are many people who are totally unaware of this.

One of the things that had been asked for more and more without a doubt was the possibility of using WhatsApp on the computer without having to be with the mobile all the time, as many applications do. Luckily i arrive WhatsApp Web and that was the solution that the company gave us to be able to use this popular app on the computer without having to depend on the mobile, For those who use it too much and at the same time work with a computer, it was undoubtedly a huge relief because we cannot deny that it is extremely useful and above all fast and comfortable answering messages from a Pc with a keyboard.

Use WhatsApp Web Without Having a Phone

To use WhatsApp, you only have to enter the website.whatsapp.com and we need that if you have a mobile phone, even once to open our account on the PC. Once we do, we will no longer need the mobile phone unless we close the session in that browser, if you want to have several WhatsApp Web you should have Chrome, Firefox and Opera, for example.

You go to the WhatsApp application on your phone, after this you open the settings menu and we find the WhatsApp Web option, press right there and a kind of camera appears, you have to point that at the computer to scan the QR code that appears precisely on the web that I left you earlier.

Once scanned we will be able to see all the chats that we have on our mobile phone and we will be able to talk with those people as if we were from the mobile phone, this works is a mirror in a nutshell, which means that everything that happens on the computer in It is actually saved on our mobile phone, so then on that PC there is absolutely nothing saved from our chats or anything.

As you will see, it is actually quite simple to use WhatsApp on your computer and you have all the available options that you would have on your mobile device, such as sending audios, photos, videos, etc. In this way you can answer faster if you are working on the computer or spending hours in front of it and incidentally you save a lot of battery Since you would not have to be unlocking the mobile or anything similar, so when you are comfortable at home, you leave the mobile wherever it is and use WhatsApp Web.

Remember that being a mirror of what happens on the mobile deviceIt has to have a minimum battery and it must be on, even if it is 20% battery to work, although clearly when it reaches 15% you will be running out of WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp Web without QR code

Keep in mind that in order to keep WhatsApp Web open It is necessary that the mobile phone has an internet connection either through mobile data or Wifi and in addition to this it must have over 15% battery to be able to use it.

For those of us who live in front of the computer it is a good way in addition to saving battery, since if we are going to the case we do not use the phone at any time (unless you want to use something other than WhatsApp) So without a doubt it is a good option for being able to even reach the end of the working day without having to constantly think about the device’s battery.

Requirements to be able to enjoy WhatsApp Web

  • It is necessary to have an active WhatsApp account on your mobile phone.
  • It is necessary to maintain a stable and reliable Internet connection on your phone and your computer.
  • You need to use the most up-to-date version of one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge.

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Have you been able to use WhatsApp online on PC with this step by step?