WhatsApp Download Because I can't download WhatsAppWhatsApp is the most used application around the world to stay ...

WhatsApp Download Because I can’t download WhatsAppWhatsApp is the most used application around the world to stay …

WhatsApp is the most used application around the world to stay connected, to be available all the time for all our friends, acquaintances, family or for work or study reasons.

In a nutshell WhatsApp became essential for daily life Because in addition to facilitating communication, it also makes it considerably cheaper than it was before, SMS and traditional calls were becoming more expensive and WhatsApp came to make our lives easier.

That is why when you are trying to download the application and you find yourself wondering because I can’t download WhatsAppyou obviously get frustrated because it shouldn’t be too complicated install WhatsApp on your device.

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I can’t download WhatsApp

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t have space, it is essential that you free up storage space to be able to install the application, you could even uninstall or disable Facebook and Messenger to impersonate both applications by Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, easily saving around 300-500MB.

Now if the problem is not that and you continue with that doubt that haunts your head?Because I can’t download WhatsApp? You really have to see what the reason is first, in case you have an error code like these: 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 or 941.

What you have to do is delete the Google account in Settings> Accounts> Google and selecting the account, now simply click on Settings and delete the account. You will have to restart the mobile and add your Google account again in the same place where you deleted it.

In addition to this, I recommend that you clear the cache of the Play Store. To do this you must go to Settings> Applications> Play Store> Storage> Delete cache and delete data, after doing this in theory you should not have problems installing the application and you can say goodbye to that huge question of because I can’t download WhatsApp.

I can’t install WhatsApp

In case you still have storage problems and that’s why you can’t download WhatsAppYou will have to move applications and data to the SD card, as many as possible, also delete photos and videos that you have and that you don’t need or which you have already downloaded to your computer, in addition to deleting applications that you don’t use.

In addition to deleting the cache data in order to free up as much space as possible and to finally put an end to the because I can’t download WhatsApp.