W2019, Samsung's flip-type folding mobile with double screen ...

W2019, Samsung’s flip-type folding mobile with double screen …


The launching of the samsung folding mobile is closer than many believe: Although we do not know if it will be called Galaxy X finally or not, everything indicates that the Samsung folding screen smartphone will be released this week. The truth is that this week we would also meet the W2019, Samsung’s new folding phone, but flip type … Is it a folding smartphone too or not? The W2019 would be a double-screen mobile with luxury finishes and a shell or flip model, which would be launched in China at the end of the week.

The launch of Samsung's folding mobile would be about to come to lightThe launch of Samsung’s folding mobile would be about to come to light

We also have data on Features of Samsung’s folding mobile or rather how your screen would be, which will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the world of mobility. This mobile, which we hope to see at the Samsung developer conference in San Francisco, would have a folding screen as such. As you can see: The arrival of samsung folding mobile it is closer than we think judging by some documents and announcements made by the company. Thus, Samsung’s folding smartphone will have a 7.29-inch screen extended and a 4.58-inch screen folded, according to international reports. That is, it would be halfway between tablet and mobile. What will the Samsung folding mobile be called? A matter of waiting to know if it is the Galaxy X that has been talked about so much … Or rather the Samsung W 2019, a model that by “W” could be related to design.

Samsung W2019, a folding mobile with two screens


The truth is that there has been a lot of speculation about what Samgun’s folding mobile would look like, and here we have seen countless patents and rumors. In fact, one of these clues can be found in the report for the last quarter of 2017, where it was pointed out that in 2018 folding OLED panels will be produced to strengthen the premium market and launch products with this technology on the market.

Now, with the Samsung W2019, Samsung’s flip-type folding mobile, we are not talking about a screen that folds as such, but about a double screen proposal in a body that folds, as it has been proposed to us long ago ZTE with its AXON M, a smartphone a little “rare” that ZTE let us see at the beginning of this year and that we saw in great detail at MWC 2018:

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Another indication was how Samsung in its quarterly call with investors to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition “through the development of cutting-edge products such as foldable OLED phones” according to ZDNET. In addition to this, the portal stressed that the head of the company’s mobile division, Koh Dong-jin, assured that this year they would launch a folding phone, and it has often been commented that It will be at the developers conference in November where this novelty would be seen, which has been called on the Internet as “Galaxy X”And that many patents have been claimed.

Now, although we all hope to see advances in a Samsung folding mobile with an OLED screen capable of folding back on itself, and that we are supposed to see in detail at the San Francisco conference, nor can we deny that a flip mobile is a folding mobile in concept, no?

So of all, we will see a folding phone from Samsung this week. It only remains to wait for the next technological events to corroborate what has caused such a stir: the samsung folding mobile. Will it be the Galaxy X? Will it be W2019? What will they call you? And the best: Will it be just a concept or will it go on sale? And now we have an even deeper reflection: What does a folding screen give us? How does this technology improve our lives?