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Universomac inaugurates a technical service for Mac in the style of the Apple Store

The new Universomac facilities have a large reception and customer service room, two large fully equipped training rooms and the repair shop itself. The aesthetics of all the facilities are very similar to those of the Apple and Premium Reselller stores (except in the workshop part, where, obviously, the functionality of the place has prevailed) with details in the decoration and lighting that go beyond the usual thing seen in any Apple store.

Thus, as Víctor Barrera, one of the managers of Unioversomac, explained to Macworld, all the lighting in the facilities uses Lutron home automation systems ( and can be controlled from the employees’ iPhone, including the lights. LEDs surrounding the reception room and classrooms. In this way, from the iPhone itself, the intensity of the lights can be controlled and thanks to the color changes that LED lights allow, create environments instantly to adapt to the needs of each situation.

With these facilities, Universomac seeks a much more central location, being a couple of blocks from Avenida de América, promoting its training business and also putting the technical attention service at the level of the Apple Store. As Víctor Barrera has explained, “it couldn’t be that you went into an Apple Reseller or an Apple store and it was all so special and then you had your Mac repaired or made some intervention and they treated you as in a workshop of the years fifty”.

The new Universomac facilities are located on Calle Coslada 15 in Madrid. Tel .: 91 188 88 20 (Technical service); 91 88 88 21 (training). Web: