Erica Flores

UniConverter: A multifunctional tool for video editing

UniConverter is a video editing and downloader with tons of features, which make it one of the most complete on the market.

The software itself is a download, conversion and editing program that allows you to convert more than 1000 audiovisual formats to different formats to reproduce or make montages.

From the Official Website of Uniconverter they offer us the possibility of trying the free version, or any of its payment alternatives. Although, there are key differences between the different versions, such as:

  • The length of the videos that we can download is limited.
  • A single simultaneous video download.
  • We cannot download subtitles from YouTube.
  • Complete playlists only in paid versions.
  • The editing options in the free version are more limited.
  • We cannot burn, convert, or customize DVDs or Blu-Rays.
  • Uniconverter watermark.
  • You cannot combine videos into one.


However, these features disappear in the paid, quarterly, annual or lifetime versions of the program, and many other additional functions appear.

After downloading the Uniconverter and running it for the first time, a minimalist start menu is displayed, with no pop-ups or notifications.

The tool is straightforward, showing the “Convert” option already active and indicating how to start. This interface can be found in two themes (dark and illuminated), which we can change in the “hamburger” menu, located in the upper right corner.

There are tabs such as Preferences, Login, Operation Guide or Technical Support, among others.

On the other hand, in the Main Menu, the five editing options that Uniconverter revolves stand out:

  • Turn into: allows us to modify the format of a local video to any of the others available, including audio quality, aspect ratio or subtitles.
  • To download: download videos obtained through url links like YouTube.
  • Record: allows us to burn videos from local files or another DVD / Blu-Ray to a folder, ISO file or another DVD.
  • To transfer: establishes data exchange via USB with other devices such as mobile phones (IOS or Android), camcorders and hard drives.
  • Toolbox: In the toolbox we can compress videos, create gifs and record screen among other options.

Uniconverter is one of the most complete softwares of its kind. The Wondershare tool makes available to its users a large number of conversion alternatives, among which are:

Turn into

It is the star option of the program and it is absolutely simple.

To begin, it is only necessary to drag a file to the panel, or to add it from the “Add” or “Load DVD” options, if it is not a local file.

Once this is done, a box will appear showing, on the left side, the first frame, file name, original format, duration and file weight. While, on the right, we have the conversion alternatives, such as format, aspect ratio, resolution, subtitles and audio tracks.

Just below the first image of the video, we will see a small panel with three quick editing options, represented in symbols: Adjust (duration), Cut (proportions) and Effect (adjustments).