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Two new Creative iPod speakers

One of these speakers is the SoundWorks Radio CD 745, it allows to have 24 pre-tuned stations, includes a CD player, an alarm system that the user can choose between waking up to their favorite station or CD, as well as programming different alarm times to the week and the weekend. The SoundWorks Radio CD 745 sound system is available now at a suggested retail price of € 349 including VAT.

The other sound system presented, the SoundWorks Radio 705, has a “retro” design, Sleep function so that the user can fall asleep accompanied by the favorite station or connect the MP3, and a backlit screen. The SoundWorks Radio 705 are available now at a suggested retail price of € 99, ​​inclusive.

On both radios, iPod users can add a “Made for iPod” docking station that will also allow them to have a remote control to play and load new music while still listening. This base has a recommended price of 80 EUR, VAT included.