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How to take a screenshot on PC?

Surely on more than one occasion you have had the need to take a snapshot of what appears on your computer screen. If until now you did not know very well how to do it, this problem is over, today we are going to review programs to take screenshots.

On the Internet we can find a wide range of free programs to do things like edit photos or create videos online, but this time we are going to focus on the programs that help us take screenshots.


Within our collection of programs to take screenshots, this can be one of the best if you also need to share that screenshot online and we can upload it directly to various services.

Zscreen is a basic program when it comes to taking screenshots. It does not allow us to edit the image taken, but this is something that we can easily do with any other program that we have installed on our computer.


Greenshot is a program that we could consider minimalist, but it is also very practical. Because it doesn’t need it, it doesn’t need installation and it also has a small editor that will allow us to make small changes to the image.

It is not a marvel in terms of editing, but if we want to take screenshots without complicating our lives, it can be very useful.


This program is found both in the application version for PC and in the extension version for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. As with Greenshot, Lightshot is also a very minimalist program, which also offers us the option of being able to directly upload the captured image or edit it in the cloud.


PrtScr is another of the programs to take screenshots. Very similar to all the ones we have seen so far, one of the aspects for which it stands out is the freehand option, which allows us to take screenshots as if they were cuts


Screenshotcaptor is one of the most complete when it comes to programs to take screenshots. It keeps a history with all the captures we have taken, which can be very useful to us, but it also has a fairly good editor that allows us to make a good number of modifications.

Jet Screenshot

Jet Screenshot is another light program with which we can take screenshots without complicating our lives too much. One of its advantages is that we can upload the captures directly to our FTP or we can upload them directly to its website, where it saves them for 24 hours.


Screenpresso is a small, easy-to-use program that is often among the public’s favorites. Unlike others, it allows us to directly upload our captures to social networks.

These are just a few examples, but there is a wide variety of programs for taking screenshots, from the simplest to the most complex. It is true that the most complete programs are paid, but the normal thing is that for an average user it is more than enough with any of the free programs that we have just mentioned.

The choice of one or the other is left to your decision and it is that depending on the needs you have, one or the other may seem better.

How to take screenshots with the Sony Xperia Z5?

Sony is undoubtedly one of the leading technology companies in the world, and a good example of this is the smart mobile devices that the firm owns as smartphones, among the users’ favorites. Precisely, in this case we want to stop at one of them, but not to review its technical qualities, which are among the best we can find, but rather to teach you how to use it a little better.

It is the latest flagship of the Japanese firm, the Sony Xperia Z5 It has some really interesting features such as its high-quality screen, and that is why many people enjoy taking all kinds of captures through it to be able to share it later with their friends and acquaintances.