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Tutoriales PC Recovers Deleted Files from Hard Drives, Removable Drives or Memory Cards One of the big problems that we must face on many occasions …

One of the big problems that on many occasions we must face is, when we lose a file or delete it by accident, an important file that we need to recover and we do not know exactly how to do it.

For those kinds of occasions there is Recuva, a considerably good program, a Microsoft recovery tool, without any advertising, which unfortunately is not included in Windows so you have to download Recuva aside, but it’s free so it’s pretty easy download Recuva to your computer and any user can use this tool.

Recover deleted files

Why can any user make use of this tool? Basically because Recuva’s design is so simple, yet so accessible at the same time, With all the options at a glance, all you need and on top of it is a powerful program capable of recovering from Word documents, to images, MP3s, emails, videos, photos or whatever.

Once you finish download Recuva and you start to use the program, it will begin to scan the system to detect the files that are recoverable, you can recover one at a time or you can do it in bulk, as you wish.

Recuva, many options in a simple program

It has two modes, the assisted and the normal. In the assisted mode, Recuva asks about the type of file you want to recover, its path and the depth of the scan. On the other hand, in normal mode the options will be placed in the recovery window.

The positive thing that Recuva has is without a doubt precisely that assisted mode that is of great help, in addition to a preview of the files that are going to be recovered, it has a deep scan tool that is really too useful, the possibility of safe deletion and also, there are no limitations for its use, it is completely free and without any advertising.

Unlike other programs, Recuva may not recover so many files, but the positive thing about it is that it has a simple and fair design, with quickly accessible options, making it suitable for any kind of user, plus it is free and free of charge. of publicity so without a doubt it is totally worth it download Recuva, it is also an official tool of Microsoft.

Any questions you have about it you can leave it below in the comments, if you do not know how download Recuva or any problem you have related to this tool, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.