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This will be the new Samsung smartwatch

This will be the new Samsung smartwatch


Samsung does not stop registering patents, this time it is a new Samsung smartwatch that is projected on the skin, offering other options that allow you to broaden the spectrum of the desktop of the new smartwatch and manipulate it beyond its screen.

In the document of the new patent registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, different images are observed in which the operation of the new Samsung smartwatch that is projected on the skin is detailed, among them that the smart watch is capable of identify with sensors the surface of the user’s hand and project on it the options that can be chosen and manipulated.

According to The Next Web site, among these options are detailed a numeric keyboard to make calls, another alphanumeric keyboard to write messages, it is even possible a GPS system that shows a map and in the hand are projected the names of streets, as well as options for manipulating the map.

The Samsung smartwatch that is projected on the skin It could display a more robust menu on the arm area, in which more options are presented that would allow to expand the potential of the watch beyond its small screen.

Samsung’s new patent for a smartwatch that is projected on the skin could also signify a new technological era in which a device could be configured with other instruments to activate and deactivate security mechanisms, project keyboards to manipulate other instruments or devices, even power from this smart watch to write to your computer wirelessly.

Samsung has shown, like the rest of the large firms that the registration of this type of patents does not mean the immediate implementation of a device, we have seen it in the large number of patents registered for mobile phones and other gadgets that have not seen the light yet and that many of them are in prototype phases.

What could be more tangible is the new Samsung Gear S3, which several publications have already been offering information about this new South Korean smartwatch that could arrive at the next edition of the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.