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The new version of Bluetooth will offer low energy consumption

Bluetooth becomes a low-power wireless technology with Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0.

Thus, the SIG (in charge of the development of this protocol) considers that thanks to this specification, the low-consumption version of Bluetooth opens up to new markets and to those devices that require low consumption and cost in wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the SIG ensures that this evolution of Bluetooth “will allow a set of new applications that today are impossible or unimaginable.”

Health, sports, security or entertainment are some of the sectors that will benefit the most from this new version, according to SIG.

One of the first companies to show its support for this new standard has been Nokia “who has been committed to low-power wireless technologies since the development of our Wibree commitment. We are delighted with the new Bluetooth specification, which opens up new market opportunities and room for innovation, ”explains Markku Verkama, Director of Product R&D at Nokia.

The promoters of this new specification assure that, in addition, this new standard will be able to be executed for years in the current standard batteries, that it will have a low cost but an improved action ratio and that interoperability between manufacturers is guaranteed.

Finally, it should be noted that the improvements made to the Bluetooth Core Specification allow two types of implementation: dual and simple. In the first, the low power function is integrated into an existing Bluetooth controller. Meanwhile, the simple mode will allow “compact and highly integrated devices”, among other functions.