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The first BitTorrent download application for iPhone arrives

BitTorrent is a free and open source application for file sharing and distribution of software and multimedia files with legitimate uses for companies, organizations and individuals. But it is also used to share files illegally, violating copyright.

The IS Drive iPhone application allows users to check and manage downloads from ImageShack.us, which offers hosting services, free photo and video sharing, along with a paid service for BitTorrent downloads.

Apparently, the IS Drive application may have sneaked into the AppStore, thanks to not having used the term BitTorrent in the application at any time.

IS Drive was previously known by the name of Jack Torrents and was available on the unofficial Cydia platform, for jailbroken iOS-based devices.

IS Drive is available on the App Store for € 3.99 and requires iOS 4.0 or later. And the ImageShack Drive service is subscription-based for an annual fee.