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The Campus Party 2008 starts in Valencia

The Internet will star in the 2008 edition of Campus Party Valencia, with the presence of Tim Berners-Lee, recognized as one of the fathers of the Internet, as he was responsible for establishing the first connections between the tools that make the so-called network of networks possible.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee created some of the most important utilities for the operation of the World Wide Web, such as the HTML language (HyperText Markup Language) or the hypertext markup language; the HTTP protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol); and the system for locating objects in the tim berners-lee, one of the fathers of the internet

web URL (Universal Resource Locator). Working at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), he invented a system for interconnecting documents and making them accessible via the Internet called the World Wide Web. By Christmas 1990 Berners-Lee had already developed all the tools necessary to make the web work: the first browser, the first web server, and the first pages.

The presence of Tim Berners-Lee, appointed Knight of the British Empire, coincides with the 15th anniversary of CERN’s announcement that the web would be freely accessible to everyone. The inventor of the Web will give a keynote address and will be at the opening ceremony.

Along with Tim Berners-Lee, other important speakers from the world of digital culture and research will be at Campus Party, such as the inventor of the PHP language, Rasmus Lerdorf and the president of Linux International, Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall, among others, o of campuseros from different parts of the globe.

In addition, various companies will attend to show their latest proposals and participate in the different workshops that are organized in this technological meeting. And the participants will be able to demonstrate their skills in the different contests that will be organized by areas.

The event begins today, July 28, and until next Sunday, August 3, it will bring together thousands of people at Feria de Valencia to share their computers and concerns, exchange experiences and carry out all kinds of activities related to computers, communications and communications. new technologies. The 2007 edition brought together 8,000 people.