The cameras of the future: smart, powerful and connected

The cameras of the future: smart, powerful and connected


The mobile boom, with increasingly complete hardware, has dealt a hard blow to the world of cameras. Against this background, manufacturers have sought a way to provide cameras with connectivity and features that make them stand out from those offered by mobiles.

Thus, at CES 2014, Samsung that has presented its Galaxy Camera 2, governed by Android 4.3 and with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 16M BSI CMOS sensor, 2GB of RAM, WiFi and NFC.

Canon also bets on connectivity with its Mini X camcorder It has an f2.8 16.8mm lens that allows recording video in 1080p quality, and integrates an HDMI output and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to upload videos to YouTube and Facebook.

Polaroid did not want to be left out of the game and with his Socialmatic Bring the Instagram experience to the physical world: With a 14 MP sensor, LED flash and Android, the camera allows you to print images instantly.

Thus, the camera proposals presented at CES 2014 (which you can see in detail in the gallery that accompanies this article) share as a common element ‘intelligence’ translated into connectivity, the attribute they most envy of mobile phones. / EH

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