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Tata Sky to cut channels; reduce the invoice amount …

Tata Sky will give all these 70 lakh subscribers a 15 day notice before rationalizing their subscription. (Image: Tata Sky) Tata Sky will cancel channels or subscription packages of around 70 lakh from its subscribers. A report by The Economic Times states that this measure will take effect from June 15 and will help retain customers, who are currently unable to pay their subscription charges due to the economic impact of the pandemic. The company will turn 70 subscribers lakh a 15 days notice before rationalizing their subscription. This will help the company retain customers by lowering the subscription cost for subscribers below Rs 350. So far, the company has not provided any details on what criteria it will look to customers for canceling channels or Subscription Packages. With this move, the company will help subscribers save Rs 60-100 per month. Subscribers who still want the channels or packages the company is cutting can do so by simply giving a missed call to a pre-defined number. Tata Sky’s managing director Harit Nagpal told the publication that 10 lakh from the inactive subscribers of the The company became active again in March due to the shutdown. He further noted that the company lost 10 lakh subscribers in April and another five lakh failed to recharge in May.

Nagpal also said that they are analyzing the analyzes, which shows that all customers who are currently vulnerable. He said this will be the first time the company will use its analytics to downgrade and not sell packages. The report also claims that the company saw a total of 50 lakh subscribers logging into its website or app in May. Of these 50 lakh subscribers, 70 percent went so far as to cancel their subscriptions or reduce their monthly bills.

In related news, Tata Sky recently introduced a seven-day balance loan for deactivated user accounts to try and get them back on the platform. Under this offer, customers get a seven-day credit to their subscription account if they cannot recharge their accounts. The loan amount will be debited from the user’s Tata Sky account balance on the 8th day. To get the 7-day credit, customers can simply give a missed call to 080-61999922 from their registered mobile number. After which, your account will be credited with the balance within the next four hours.Indian El TecNoticias is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay up to date with the latest headlines

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