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Take a look at the smartphone prototype that changes …

Vivo’s next color-changing phone (Source: Sean Hollister / Youtube screengrab) Vivo is a smartphone brand that is always bringing new innovations ranging from the in-display fingerprint scanner to ultra-fast charging technology and placement of a gimble on the camera module. The latest addition to its list of innovations is a smartphone rear glass that changes color, unlike other phones (Samsung Galaxy Note 10, OnePlus 8 and others) where you have to change the angle to experience the color change. In a video discovered by Android Authority on Weibo, the back glass of the mysterious phone changes color with the push of a button. According to one insider, Vivo has been able to achieve these results by using an electrochromic glass back plate that adjusts colors according to voltage with the help of a color-changing material.

As seen in the concept video, the color of the phone is sapphire blue at first, but it changes to a more silver finish when the thumb is attached. However, a big question is whether or not it will affect the battery life of the phone. The machine translation indicates that it was designed with power consumption in mind so that it does not drain the battery.In all the videos published so far, the camera module has been covered with an ice clip. However, the design of the camera module resembles the recently launched X50 series from the Chinese smartphone brand. Despite the sleek-looking innovation, this is not the first company to use electrochromic glass in a smartphone. OnePlus used it in their phone concept to hide the rear cameras that will act as a filter when the lenses are not in use. It was also supposed to give photographers an advantage in brighter environments where the exposure is too much by default.

Vivo has confirmed that it is working on such technology to incorporate it into its new smartphones, but it is not yet known if it will lead to a massive increase in the cost of the smartphone or not.
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