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Switching to Mac … for management

This is what has happened to the company Fino y Gómez (, located in the Valencian town of Museros, and dedicated to the repair and installation of industrial machines as advanced as the CNC numerical control machines that are They are used to build complex parts (it is the type of machines that are used, for example to create parts of the aerospace industry or the Unibody cases of the latest MacBooks). How its manager, César Fino, explained to Macworld in his search for a stable server and a better business management system (what in the business world is known as ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning), fleeing from Windows , from their security problems and license prices, they went through Linux and ended up finding the Mac thanks to the SIT Remote Management software (

The SIT Telemanagement software is quite popular in the Mac world and in companies that already have an important relationship with the platform in their activity (advertising agencies, design studios, video production companies or even Apple APR stores or services. Apple technicians use it very regularly), the funny thing is that this time it was Remote Management that brought the Mac to the company and not the other way around.

In part, as César Fino explains, the key to the success of Telegestión in his company is the module aimed at repair services (such as the one used by Apple repair centers) and which has been perfectly adapted to the activity of your company. Likewise, Fino confesses himself delighted with the Remote Management software and with details such as the arrangement of the information on the screen, which allows him not to have to search to have a glance of the most important information.

Thus, when Fino y Gómez found the SIT, the migration process to Linux took a turn and, starting with a simple server for the Telemanagement software on a Mac mini, Windows machines gradually began to change to Mac. Today, the company maintains a Linux server that serves as a Web server, file and mail server, and a couple of Windows PCs, whose destination is none other than to be replaced by the iMac that already occupy almost all of the company positions. Contact: Fino y Gómez. Tel .: 961 41 14 63. Web: