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Stick your mobile to the wall or any surface with WTF …

Stick your mobile to the wall or any surface with WTF ...


The Spanish firm WTF presents its most recent R&D project for smartphone accessories, it is the Smart Stickers, an accessory that allows you to adhere the mobile to any surface to take selfies, use as a GPS or watch a video without having to hold it with your hands, and whose launch price is just 5 euros.

The WTF Smart Stickers accessory is manufactured in a plastic material with two adhesive surfaces that allows at the same time that it joins with the back of the mobile to allow its adherence to the other surface, it has a PVC cover that is only removed when it is want to paste the mobile somewhere.

It is compatible with surfaces made of plastic, wood, plaster, glass, mirror, metal, stone, aluminum, iron, among others. The WTF Smart Stickers It was manufactured in Japan using a novel formula that allows the accessory to be attached and detached without leaving marks or scratches anywhere.

It has a customizable standard measure of 55 x 55 centimeters. The WTF Smart Stickers has great versatility, since it allows the user a large number of functions by being able to stick their mobile to any surface.

Regarding the design, the WTF Smart Stickers comes in 16 models grouped in 4 different collections: Art, Lines, Geometry and Color. When it comes to safety, Smart Stickers if used following the instructions for use, the person will not run any risk with their device.

It is manufactured to provide about 1,000 adhesions as a useful life, but the surface where it is placed must be dry and must be as smooth as possible. To keep it in good condition, it is washable with water when it has become dirty with dust or something damaging its surface.

The WTF Smart Stickers It can be purchased at VIPS stores in Madrid, Seville and Zaragoza.