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Second Skin Elements, polycarbonate sleeve for MacBook

The Tucano Second Skin Elements cases are made of neoprene, designed to fit comfortably on different Apple models. The new model designed for the Mac boom made of polycarbonate measures 33.03 x 23.17 x 2.74 cm and protects the MacBook from bumps and scratches.

This new cover includes a system called Flatlock inside, which consists of a special seam identical to that used in diving suits, which provides very high resistance and durability. It is made of 2 mm thick neoprene and includes the Anti-Slip protection system, which consists of an inner neoprene flap that covers the laptop, preventing it from being damaged when opening and closing the zipper.

The Polycarbonate Second Skin Elements for MacBook is available in two colors, ice white or black, and has a suggested retail price of € 20 plus VAT.