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Sandvox 1.5 improves multimedia processing

Sandvox is aimed at users who want to create attractive websites without having to understand the ins and outs of HTML or CSS. The software uses templates that allow you to directly drag and drop content onto containers, including text, images, and multimedia elements. Sandvox allows you to create business websites, blogs, publish podcasts, etc. The Pro version adds the ability to use custom HTML in projects, Google webmaster tools, Flash, eCommerce objects, etc.

Sandvox 1.5 has been in development for a period of 16 months, according to Karelia, adding dozens of new features and more than 150 improvements in total, as well as performance improvements.

Among the main improvements of the new version is the processing of multimedia materials, the improvement in the support of the pagelet feature with a total of 19 options, including an improved contact form and a YouTube pagelet. It also adds seven new designs and improves the existing ones in the previous version, offering a total of 50. New blog features have also been added, such as a Collection Archives pagelet, automatic navigation links between posts and a link “continue reading “; inspector improvements to allow simultaneous editing of multiple pages; MobileMe compatibility improvements; support for a new document format; and incorporates new “code injection” points for users of the pro version.

Sandvox 1.5 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.