Samsung TV Plus expands its free content with Euronews Live


Watch TV online on your TV is an ideal option for those who have a Samsung Smart TV because the free content service Samsung TV Plus expands its programming by incorporating the Euronews Live channel with live broadcasting. Thus, Euronews Live becomes the first Samsung TV Plus channel with live broadcasting, which complements the European news channel Euronews, already available on the platform that has 19 channels in Spain with varied programming.

Euronews Live offers news and current affairs live, so you can be informed of everything that happens in Europe and in the world 24 hours a day. The channel is available in different language editions, such as in Spanish, English, French, German or Italian in Full HD quality.

On the other hand, Euronews continues to support a varied program, with documentaries on the economy, culture, sports, science and technology, travel and lifestyle. The entire offer is available in video-on-demand format, so any program can be seen regardless of its broadcast date.

Samsung TV Plus is available for free on Samsung TVs

Watch TV online for free with Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is 100% free and requires no downloads, registration, credit cards, subscriptions or additional devices to your TV. It is available on more than 47 million devices worldwide, and includes more than 500 channels in all available countries, 19 of them in Spain.

Samsung Smart TV users, such as the Samsung Q95T we tested around here, you can see right through this Samsung TV Plus Quality television content, free of charge, without the need to download or install additional devices.

How does it work? The first thing is to clarify that you do not have to do anything additional, or connect any device or download anything. It’s as simple as looking for the option Samsung TV Plus In the menu of your TV and with its simple navigation system, you can select “GUIDE” to see the current programming, what is being broadcast at all times and what you can see later.

To see the contents of Samsung TV Plus you just have to look for the option in the menu of your TV

The content that is broadcast is free for users, and does not require a subscription of any kind or the sharing of personal data or credit card information. This is possible because Samsung TV Plus is funded by free advertising, giving you instant access to news, sports, entertainment, and much more.

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