Samsung School reaches the cloud and SIMO Education 2015 (Samsung ...

Samsung School reaches the cloud and SIMO Education 2015 (Samsung …


SIMO Education 2015 has served as the stage for the South Korean leader, for the presentation of the new generation of Samsung School: Samsung School 2.0, cloud-based platform that replaces the local server to simplify deployment, reduce equipment, operating and maintenance costs, cut personnel costs and increase functionality.

Samsung School is a technological solution for the classroom that combines hardware, software and communications, already used throughout the world by more than a thousand educational centers from preschool to high school levels.

Samsung spokespersons have provided the data, also stating that Samsung School 2.0 expands the reach of the solution beyond the classroom, since students can connect, from home and with their parents, to access and view teaching material or finish an assignment and present it to the teacher remotely.

“Parents, through confirmed and secure personal accounts, can review their children’s participation in class and their achievements, consulting the report cards that teachers publish in the system,” the informants have illustrated.

In the same way, it has been known that This update from Samsung School also offers school principals and administrators a wide range of options; Among them, consult and graphically represent the number of student devices registered in the solution, the number of classrooms or schools that use Samsung School 2.0, what functions are being used, or the distribution and prevalence of the different materials implanted and used by the teachers.

For his part, David Alonso, Director of the Samsung companies area, stated that one of the main challenges that the company has set itself for the coming years is that innovation in education provides a qualitative advantage to new generations in terms of their personal and professional development.

With Samsung School 2.0 based on the cloud, we facilitate the implementation of technology in the classroom and we manage to penetrate the walls of the school, improving the performance of the students and the satisfaction of teachers, families and school managers ”, pointed out the executive from the Daegu native.

Samsung School 2.0 roadshow in Spain

It should be noted that under the concept of “Education without limits” or e-ducation made possible by Samsung School, a roadshow will travel through Spain to discover for parents and teachers the advantages of this new teaching and learning model.

“Families and teachers will be able to discover the possibilities and advantages that Samsung School 2.0 offers at all educational levels, from interacting with classmates, solving doubts with the teacher after class and remotely or evaluating the individual progression of each student by part of the teachers ”, Samsung sources have pointed out.

What is Samsung School?

The Samsung School solution combines Samsung tablets, interactive software, and Wi-Fi networking with other optional technologies such as PCs and interactive whiteboards. It is a didactic, interactive and easy-to-learn solution with which the levels of participation, involvement and creativity of the students are increased, at the same time that their academic performance improves and their computing, communication and collaboration skills are reinforced.

Teachers, for their part, can create and organize courses tailored to the specific needs of their students, as well as prepare for the class by organizing the teaching material with the help of a lesson planner. They can also control student devices to limit access to certain applications and URLs.

Samsung School brings together useful functionalities such as the shared screen between teachers and students, achieving a more dynamic interaction in class and allowing real-time note-taking, or the monitoring of student screens by teachers, with the possibility of helping remotely to students experiencing difficulty. It also includes templates to create contests and controls, with the option of consulting and displaying the results in the form of graphs or tables.