Samsung presents its Exynos Auto processor designed for smart vehicles

Samsung presents its Exynos Auto processor designed for smart vehicles


The smart vehicles are the future of transportation and that is why Samsung has made its new Exynos Auto processor, a chip with the ability to manage all the tasks and connectivity of a car with these characteristics, it also came with the announcement of an ISOCELL image sensor designed for this technological market.

The Exynos Auto processor is designed, according to a statement from the firm, to offer users and especially these types of smart cars, capabilities for fast telecommunications, accurate detection of objects and sensors, as well as powerful processing capabilities for multiple tasks.

Exynos Auto processor features

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This new Exynos Auto processor It has an advanced multi-core CPU, allowing to run a greater number of threads, so the smart vehicle will be able to have a greater response capacity to user requests.

The Samsung Exynos Auto processor It has a clean sheet design, this allows it to be adapted to different operating systems at the same time on up to four Full HD screens simultaneously, which will allow an immersive experience to be achieved.

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Also, the Samsung Exynos Auto processor It has its own driving assistant, which has the ability to display all the information through each of the screens, which can be distributed in the car thanks to the Head-Up Display system.

The LTE modem of the Samsung Exynos Auto processor It offers the user to have connectivity in their environment and in the future they can access multiple data and information that are sent to the vehicle.

These Exynos Auto processors They are classified into three subcategories:

  • Exynos Auto V: designed for advanced infotainment systems
  • Exynos Auto A: intended as driving assistants
  • Exynos Auto T: Created for telematics solutions.

This new Samsung Exynos Auto processor It has been shown within the framework of the International Suppliers Fair held in Wolfsburg, Germany, held between October 16 and 18.