Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7, the new mid-range mobiles ...

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7, the new mid-range mobiles …


Samsung comes out again with new mid-range mobiles, these are two members of its exclusive C range for China, Galaxy C5 Pro and C7For now it seems that they will only reach that country from the Asian market.

One of the great reasons why the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 will only be in China has to do with distribution costs, when distributing these mobiles, many of the components and assembly are made within that same country and for To ensure their cheap prices they will not have to move much from their manufacturing zone.

For now, the specifications of the Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 phones are not known, but some data has been sneaking as rumors through the network, such as 5-inch AMOLED screens, Kirin processors instead of Snapdragon and RAM memories that go between the 3GB and 6GB, there is even talk of water resistance with IP68.

The goal of adding the models Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 to the C series is to increase the mid-range catalog that is widely consumed in the Asian continent, it also allows the firm to explore competitive markets in its own region.

Although it is not known if at some point the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 mobiles will arrive in Europe, these devices would certainly be released this year, it could even be known according to a report by Sammobile that the firm is working on the next Galaxy C9 model, will they skip the C8?

Probably thanks to the good offices of sites such as GearBest or an electronic store, one of these models of Galaxy C5 Pro and C7You will have to wait if it has support for the mobile bands of our country and if in addition to Mandarin it comes with some other language available.