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Psystar files for bankruptcy, but continues to sell equipment

Psystar’s bankruptcy will cause the current litigation with Apple to be temporarily delayed, as well as for the company’s investors to abandon it in view of the poor results. For this reason (without financial resources) Apple can be in a very good position for the final verdict to be favorable, although Apple’s lawsuit was filed with the California authorities.

The documents certifying the bankruptcy have been filed in the Federal Court of Florida and therefore the resolution of the Psystar-Apple case would be delayed for several months. The bankruptcy data is quite striking: they owe $ 250,000 to various creditors $ 88,500 to the Carr & Farell Law Firm (which is defending the lawsuit with Apple), $ 11,000 of back taxes and several thousand dollars to distribution companies and product packaging, as the most relevant data.

But still selling clone Macs

Bankruptcy does not seem to be an impediment for it to continue selling clone Macs, and on its website the activity continues to be normal (computers can be purchased), without in any case reporting on the current situation of the company.