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Opera and Chrome will not be supported by Office Web Apps

Microsoft has left Opera Y Google Chrome -For now- off the list of browsers officially supported by its suite of Web-based Office applications, which will be available for technical review later this month.

In a blog post on Office Web Apps, Microsoft lists its browsers Internet Explorer 7 and 8, as well as Mozilla Firefox 3.5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and Safari 4 for Mac, as officially supported for online versions of Word, PowerPoint , Excel and OneNote.

Missing from the list are Opera and Chrome, with a significantly lower market share than IE or Firefox, but undoubtedly competitors in the global browser market.

Opera is developed by a European company with an important role in the antitrust case against Microsoft brought by the European Commission on the inclusion of IE in Windows. The dispute has led Microsoft to remove IE 8 from Windows 7 in Europe and to offer alternative browsers on its operating system.

Chrome, for its part, is Google’s proposal in the field of browsers and it is also the name that the Internet company will give to the operating system with which it intends to deal with Windows. Companies clash in various fields; in fact, Microsoft’s decision to put its Office suite of applications online is due precisely to the competence of Google Docs in the low-end segment of the productivity applications market.

In Microsoft’s post, attributed to Gareth Howell, director of programs for Office Web Apps, the company says that people should try to use the applications in other browsers beyond those officially supported, and provide the software firm with their impressions on how do they work. “Since we cannot support all browsers, we will not block users who try to use them. Having wide compatibility and reach is one of the goals of Web Apps. ” Thus, the manager has confirmed that once the online applications are launched, the possibility of expanding the list of supported browsers will be considered.