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Office Applications How to List Pages in Word Manually Word is the main program for editing text documents, …

Word is the main text document editing program, and as we know, we are talking about one of the many applications that are part of the office suite Office, developed by the people of Microsoft. Now, there are many more people who use this service than those who know all its secrets, so that, from time to time, it is not bad to analyze some of them.

On this occasion, we want to show you a step by step that we are absolutely sure that it will be of enormous help in those cases in which you intend to list pages of a Word file that has several of them. The interesting thing about the case is that the step by step that we are going to show you is not only useful to list the pages from the first one, but also from the one you want.

Indeed, if you want to list the document from the first page you can do it, as well as if you want from the second page. Already mentioned that matter, we will continue so that you know how to act in this type of case.

How to number pages in a Word document

  • Open a Word document
  • Go to the “Insert” option and then to “Page Numbers …”
  • A new window will open where you will see numerous options for position, format, alignment and number, which you can choose as you like

If you press OK, you will simply have finished in seconds, although there are many customization options that we think are worth keeping in mind, so let’s show them below:

  • Position option: from here you have the possibility to choose where you want the numbering to be displayed, that is, its position within what is the total space of each of the pages
  • Alignment option: it is an option before the previous one. You can align the numbering in the part of the page you want. Remember that in both cases from “Preview”, you can check the results in question
  • Number on the first page: from here you can choose if the first page has to show numbering as well, or if the numbering should start from the second, assuming that the first is a kind of cover
  • Format: thanks to this option, you will be able to list pages from any page you choose, so we are going to show you some details about it because it is a very rich feature

Number pages in Word from the second, third, etc.

We said before that there are some additional options to the simplest that Word has to offer, so let’s start by showing you the qualities of the system to number pages in Word from any page.

  • Basically the process is similar to the previous one, although we are going to emphasize the section on Format:
  • Go to the submenu where “Page Numbering” appears and choose “Start at:”, indicating from which page you want to start listing the Word document. You can choose any page number you want
  • Once the number is selected, click OK and then OK again

With these simple steps we can number any Word document from the page that we want.

Although the tutorial we have mentioned above is designed for Word 2010, keep in mind that there are hardly any differences with the following versions of the most famous text document editor in the world.