Office Applications How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations Making a PowerPoint presentation may seem simple, but in reality ...

Office Applications How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations Making a PowerPoint presentation may seem simple, but in reality …

Perform a PowerPoint presentation It may seem simple, but it really is not. To capture the public’s attention and make them understand what your idea is, it is essential that said presentation meets certain points that we are going to comment on below.

For that reason we are going to see how to create better PowerPoint presentations so that you stand out when doing it. Follow these tips to achieve a better end result. It may not sound easy, but creating a high-quality PowerPoint presentation takes time and the most important thing ends up being the person who presents everything, that is you.

How to optimize a PowerPoint presentation

Simple text. The presentation actually complements the presentation that you will make. Therefore, it should not have all the text that you are going to say, it is not necessary. Between the time you spend talking and presenting the project, none of the people will be able to read everything. Therefore, it is best that you put the text that is necessary and no more of that. The idea is that it is a kind of ideal, that people are guided slightly by that presentation to quickly understand what you are talking about but that they pay attention to you.

One idea per slide. Mixing several themes per slide the only thing that achieves is to take away the strength of each one of them and make people dizzy. The best thing to make a coherent presentation, easy to follow and understand is that you deal with a single topic per slide and once that topic is finished, you can jump to the next one.

Summarize the presentation. A long presentation can get boring pretty quickly and you will lose people’s attention. You must have things quite defined and try to summarize them as much as possible. It is very likely that those who attend your presentation will not remember much of everything you said in it. However, by dividing the presentation into a few parts, you will remember that.

Organization. It is essential that the content is perfectly organized. First you need an introduction or presentation to the topic you are going to deal with in general terms. It is also necessary that when you discuss a topic you start and close it before launching yourself to talk about something else, even if it is related.

Numbered lists. It’s much easier to get organized with a numbered list. It is also easier to guide yourself and the people who attend your presentation will have things clearer.

Needed information. You do not need to put or talk about all the information that you would like to expose. You must include what is really important in summary form. It is the best way not only to get attention but to get people to remember most of what you said. A presentation should not take more than 15 minutes.

Sources. Try not to use fonts that are too small. In case you are going to use little text therefore you have space to use a little larger fonts. Ideally, you should use fonts greater than 30. Likewise, the ones that come by default in most cases are the best. In addition, it is important that the fonts are simple so that in this way they can be read without any kind of problem or effort.

Embed fonts. In case you have to use another font for any special reason. So it is essential that you embed the fonts in the file. For this you have to go to the options and then go to the Save section. Below everything is the option to check “Embed fonts in file.”

Design. The idea is that the design is respected as much as possible. It is not a good idea to jump from one yellow design to another that is completely different. Maintaining a design line is essential, but at the same time trying to vary to a certain extent.

Quality images. It seems to me that this point does not need to be clarified too much. For a presentation to be professional, you not only have to comply with everything mentioned above. But the images have to be of good quality.

Be careful with animations. Don’t use too many animations or effects of any kind. Because by doing it too often you will be distracting people from what is important: what you are saying.