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MediaCentral improves integration with TubeStick

MediaCentral allows you to use your Mac as the center of a digital entertainment system, offering capabilities that are not included in Apple’s Front Row software. It is compatible with titles CD, DVD, digital movies, music and photos, in addition to supporting IP TV, digital television, games, Skype, etc. It also integrates with Equinux’s TubeStick USB 2.0 TV tuner.

In version 2.8 of the program, support for live digital and analog television is incorporated for those users who have purchased the TubeStick device and are using it in the United States. It also uses the same engine as The Tube, the software developed by Equinux for its TubeStick TV tuner. Therefore, Media Central can be used to access stored locations and view video content that has been recorded in false live mode (timeshifting), as well as view material that has been recorded using the TubeStick device and manage the connection using the Apple remote control. Subtitles can also be activated with the remote control.

System requirements are a 1 GHz or faster G4 and Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.