The Sims 4 for Mac and PC is coming in 2014 seeks to be “the other online store” of the Mac

Pascal Faugere, manager of (, explained to Macworld that after their beginnings as an eBay store (which they still maintain) they have made the leap to a complete Internet store, with a collection point in the center of Barcelona, ​​with express and standard delivery options, and with a wide range of payment methods (including PayPal), to give exactly what the Apple Store does not give but with the same ease and confidence that Apple offers.

Thus, macnificos offers “branded” peripherals and accessories, extended Mac configurations, as well as hard drives and memories for all types of Macs at more affordable prices than in the Apple Store. As an example, at the Apple Store, Apple charges a surcharge of € 209 to upgrade a basic MacBook from 1 GB of RAM to 4 GB, while Kingston’s 4 GB of RAM for this computer is priced at € 90 at Macnificus.

Pascal Faugere has also explained that, although there are other online stores that offer good prices, they have sought to offer maximum ease and simplicity for the Mac user, who does not have to navigate through a lot of specifications to find the right hard drive or RAM. for your Mac. Similarly, in order not to compromise the quality of their offering, they have chosen to only offer peripherals and accessories from top-of-the-line brands such as those that can be found in the Apple Store without entering the battle for very cheap peripherals.

Regarding the shipping options, Macnificos offers standard shipping with a price of 4.90 EUR (with delivery times between 3 and 7 days) and an urgent shipping by SEUR for 9.90 EUR with a delivery time of 24 hours. In addition, the store has a collection point in the center of Barcelona, ​​at Avenida Diagonal 349 bis, very close to Paseo de Gracia, with which buyers can save shipping costs. Contact: Macnificos. Tel .: 93 112 20 33 .Web: