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Internet to go: Yoigo’s data rate with no commitment to stay

As of July 1, Internet to go will start operating, Yoigo’s new rate that includes the possibility of acquiring a Mac-compatible USB modem for 39 euros.

It is a contract with a cost of 25 euros per month, which allows browsing at 384 kbps with a limit of 1 GB per month. From that amount, the speed is reduced to 128 kbps and is billed at the rate of 1.5 euro cents per megabyte. In addition, a monthly spending limit of 70 euros is imposed to protect the consumer from unforeseen expenses, so that when this amount is reached, the connection is cut.

The operator announced that the modems are preconfigured and locked for Yoigo, but that in case of wanting to release it, it will be enough to make a call to receive the precise instructions. In addition, the modem remains the property of the client from the first moment, even if it is canceled after the first month.

Yoigo highlights that it is the cheapest rate on the market, although the speed is also much lower than the 3.6 Mbps that other operators are offering.

On the other hand, Yoigo announces the next opening of its own stores starting this Thursday. Web: