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Intego warns of MacGuard malware

Intego states that MacGuard claims to be “antivirus software for the Macintosh”; but in reality it is a clone of a Windows application called Winguard, also malware, that hijacks the user’s computer and displays exaggerated claims of spyware.

Clues to the software’s dubious functionality include the use of an Apple graphic pasted onto the screen of a Dell computer (it’s not even a Mac), as indicated by Intego, as well as multiple misprints in the text of the software. website, in addition to the absence of online features with a specific security program for Mac.

Intego suspects that the MacGuard developers’ purpose is to collect credit card numbers or create fertile ground on which to attempt even more massive distribution of Mac malware in the future.

As stated in a company statement, “Intego releases this information to help Mac users understand that not all programs that claim to protect Macs are trustworthy, and in fact this particular one is potentially dangerous.”