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InDesign CS4 powers Flash integration, and adds preflight

To achieve this, Adobe has tightly integrated the latest version of InDesign with Flash CS4 Pro. Users can use InDesign as a design tool, subsequently opening the design in Flash. The page layout and typography are kept in Flash.

InDesign also includes conditional text, a feature that allows you to use a document for different groups of users. For example, if you have a document that has prices for the United Kingdom and Spain, it is not necessary to create separate documents, but the conditional text can hide the parts of the document that you do not want to be visible to certain audiences.

You can hide the text at the character, word or paragraph level without having to use layers. Objects and text flow automatically based on the conditional text that you want to display in your document.

Now designers can also directly convert their mockups from InDesign to SWF files. This also includes the ability to insert hyperlinks, page transitions, and interactive buttons. Once exported, the file can be played just like any other SWF file in Flash Player.

Designers can take Flash integration one step further by exporting their InDesign document as an XFL file and importing it directly into Flash, fully maintaining the InDesign design.

preflight tools in adobe indesign cs4

Preflight options tasked with alerting designers to potential problems in real time, stands out from the improved composition tools in InDesign CS4.

Of course, InDesign continues to be primarily a design application, and Adobe has also included enhancements to make page layout and layout easier and better.

InDesign now includes the Live Preflight feature, which alerts users in real time to potential problems. Thanks to these alerts, users can correct errors during the design process, instead of having to fix them after the entire composition process is complete.

A new Preflight panel shows everything that is happening and provides suggestions for fixing any of the problems found in the document. InDesign offers users the option of monitoring Live Preflight over a range of pages or over the entire document.

Michael Ninness, senior product manager for Adobe InDesign, has indicated that the preflight in InDesign is extensible, so designers can write custom profiles and share them with the team to ensure consistent output.

Other features like Smart Guides and Smart Spacing allow designers to align and resize objects using dynamically drawn guides. Dynamic spacing lets you evenly space multiple items on the page by aligning them in position without having to use the Align panel.

Also other changes to the InDesign interface, including an N-up view, an application bar, an application framework, and task-based workspaces. Perhaps the biggest change is tabbed documents, a feature that lets you view documents open in InDesign as tabs rather than separate windows.

Adobe InDesign CS4 will be available in October.