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In 2014, more than one hundred million applications will be sold in the online stores of mobile applications

David Chamberlain, principal analyst at In-Stat, predicts that in 2014 more than 100 million mobile-friendly applications will be sold via the web.

After the success of the store opened by Apple, a pioneer in this field, many other manufacturers have communicated their plans to open their own stores on the Web, such as Google for Android or RIM for Blackberry devices. Apple is expanding the scope of its store to give developers more possibilities to create applications for the iPhone.

For In-Stat, one of the reasons for the success of these stores is that smartphones have more and more possibilities and features, so that users also have more expectations of them and use them for different purposes, so that each time more apps are downloaded for your devices.

What’s more, In-Stat ensures that phones with more attractive partner online stores will get 30 percent of the entire smartphone market in 2013, which is equivalent to about one hundred million units. At the moment, yes, the most active users buying applications for their terminals are the iPhone, well ahead of Blackberry, Palm or Windows Mobile.