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iLuv iMM153, radio alarm clock for iPod

This iLuv alarm clock radio offers 7 different ways to wake up users: music stored on the iPod audio, FM radio, buzzes and bed shaker, as well as any combination of bed shaker along with one of the other three options. wake up alarms. The “bed shaker” function uses a vibrating device that is placed under the pillow to help awaken the user, but without waking up the person sleeping next to it.

Some of the most notable features of this model are its universal dock connector (which charges the iPod battery when it is connected to the dock socket), auxiliary sound input (to connect other sound sources), LCD screen with 10 levels brightness, “sleep” function for iPod or FM radio and memory for 10 favorite FM stations.

The new iMM153 is compatible with all iPod nano and iPod touch models, as well as all older iPods with a dock connection. It will be available in July and will have three different versions in which only its color will vary, which will be: black, blue, pink or white.