How to write with bold, italic and strikethrough on WhatsApp

How to write with bold, italic and strikethrough on WhatsApp


The new version WhatsApp allows users to make use of new resources, which are typical of a simple text editor, such as the possibility of using bold, italics and strikethrough of words in the message that you are going to send, using some keys basic and easy to remember.

The process for making use of the WhatsApp update To write with bold, italic and crossed out type is very simple:

  • In the case of wanting to use the bold letter of the new WhatsApp update, you must enclose the word or phrase that you want to appear that way between asterisks. An example of this is: * GizTab * and it would automatically appear.
  • To use italics, you must repeat the process, but instead of asterisks, you must place underscores as follows: _ and then your word will be italicized according to the WhatsApp update.
  • Now, to cross out the text you must place the word or phrase you want between small letters as follows: ~ GizTab ~ and it will be crossed out immediately.
  • In the event that you want to use all the previously explained options of the new WhatsApp update, at the same time, you must compose your word or phrase as follows: ~ * _ * ~ and then the word will appear in bold, italic and crossed out , everything at once.

It is necessary that the recipient also has the new WhatsApp update so that they can view the messages sent with these new features.

The WhatsApp update under version 2.12.17 to terminals that use the Apple iOS operating system, As for users with Android operating system, they would be receiving version 2.12.561 that includes the new functionalities, but for now it is only available in the version Beta from the company’s website and through Google Play.