Cómo elegir la mejor tarifa de fibra óptica para ahorrar

How to choose the best fiber optic rate to save money


It is not a “universal law” type, but without a doubt that one of the experiences of indecision that the user goes through today is when choosing the fiber optic tariff is concerned. And it is definitely not so easy to be at the mercy of the bombardment of special offers and promotions launched by the operators.

Which one do I sign up for? What is the best rate? Normally, these are two of the questions that the common user asks and even consults with a friend; however, in the end, it is your own consumer needs that have the answer.

In this sense, it is worth reviewing a study by Kelisto.es, in which it has been revealed the best offers on the fiber optic market today, and from them, a ranking of the 10 best has been drawn up so that consumers can easily find the one that best suits their situation.

“The telecommunications operators, aware that many users take advantage of the arrival of the new year to make the intention of changing their Internet service provider, have updated their catalogs and have added all kinds of promotions to attract the attention of consumers”, Kelisto spokespersons expose, adding that in the face of all that range of options, the consumer can save up to 172 euros per year if he chooses the rate that best suits his needs.

That is why, in preparing the aforementioned ranking, Kelisto experts have taken into account the speed offered by the companies (adding the Mb of upload and download) and the price of the proposals of all the existing operators in the market .

The operators have set themselves a target for 2016 for users to switch to fiber optics and have launched offers that allow them to enjoy maximum speed at prices similar to ADSL.Manuel Moreno, Editor-in-Chief of Kelisto.es


Now, when it comes to the best fiber optic offers today, Kelisto’s locate Orange in the place of honor with its offer of 300 Mb of symmetrical optical fiber. “This means that you can enjoy the same download and upload speed when using the Internet, so the browsing experience will improve considerably,” they point out.

In addition to the above, the orange operator includes unlimited calls to landlines and 1,000 minutes to mobiles for € 30.95 per month, to which must be added the € 18.15 line fee. Of course, the offer requires a one-year stay.

Continuing with Kelisto’s ranking, Jazztel occupies the second position with its 200 Mb of symmetric real connection, as well as unlimited calls to landlines and 120 minutes to mobile phones for 36.24 euros per month. We must add 18.14 euros of line fee and the need to sign a 12-month stay. Also, right now it has a promotion that allows you to enjoy a new smartphone for 0 euros and two months of free connection.

Another of the proposals that stands out in the count of the savings website is that of Vodafone-ONO, but only for whom the upload speed is not essential. And it is that the pair offers 300 Mb of download to consumers, the maximum in the market, although the rise is limited to 30 Mb for 32.9 euros per month plus 18.15 euros of line fee. “This should only be of concern to those who need to upload videos to the Internet or send very large files, since these actions require a greater consumption of data,” warn those of Kelisto.

And for users who live in the Basque Country, those on the savings website recommend the operator Euskaltel, which has an offer of 19 euros per month, with the line fee included, which allows you to enjoy up to 150 MB of fiber optics and unlimited calls to landlines and 1,060 monthly minutes to mobiles. “Of course, you have to sign a commitment to stay with the operator, but they are offering, by far, the best price in the market for Internet connection,” add the informants.

Before hiring a fiber optic rate, several aspects must be taken into account: if the fixed line fee is included or not in the monthly price of the Internet connection, the restrictions on download times or calls from the fixed telephone and see if the contracted price refers to a promotion for a period of time limited, or if it is the final price of the rate, for example. Users should read the fine print of the contract and review the conditions of the subscribed service: terms, costs and penalties to be clear at all times what is being contracted.Manuel Moreno, Editor-in-Chief of Kelisto.es