HDD vs SSD Gadgets Which is Better?  Advantages and Disadvantages Hard drives are the heart of every computer and it is ...

HDD vs SSD Gadgets Which is Better? Advantages and Disadvantages Hard drives are the heart of every computer and it is …

Hard drives are the heart of every computer and any information we have from the operating system to a photograph is stored on the hard drive. That is why it is so important, everything works from the hard drive.

There are currently a few hard drive options: HDD and SSD. In this article we are going to talk about the two types of hard drives and what are their disadvantages, but also their advantages.

It is very easy to recognize a lifelong mechanical hard drive or solid state hard drive, the differences to the naked eye are considerably obvious. While one is considerably larger, the other is very thin and small, about the same size as a laptop hard drive.

Mechanical hard disk, HDD

Hard drives, as I mentioned above, are computer components in which permanent information is stored, data is saved. It does not matter if the unit is turned off, the data is saved on the HDD.

They are called mechanical hard drives because they are made up of mechanical parts. In addition, they use magnetism to be able to record the data and files in it. In short, it is made up of one or more rigid disks which are joined by the same axis and they rotate at high speed in a kind of box.

Solid hard drive, SSD solid state drive

SSDs are an advance in this sense because they do not use mechanical components in themselves, but instead store all the data on microchips with flash memories which are connected to each other.

In this way, it can be said without doubt that it is a huge USD memory.

These discs are considerably smaller than the mechanical ones. Also, by not having a component that constantly rotates they are quieter. They are also considerably fast when it comes to executing files on your operating system.

In this way with a solid state disk you can start Windows in 10-12 seconds. Whereas with a mechanical disk it may take between a minute and a minute and 30 seconds. The difference is undoubtedly remarkable.

HDD vs SSD main differences

The differences are quite clear. In case the SSD has capacities ranging from 120 GB to 4 TB, while an HDD can have 10 TB of space. In addition to this, their consumption is considerably lower but they are also much more expensive than HDDs.

In the case of Solid state drives are much quieter than a mechanical disk. As for the boot speed of the OS and its applications, it can be said that with an SSD it is reduced by half. Ideal for people who work with the computer all day or several hours, saving a lot of time in this regard.

Regarding data transfer with an SSD, it remains between 200 and 550 MB / s which is a lot since a lifetime HDD can reach a maximum of 150 MB / s.

Durability is one of the most important things when we are going to talk about hard drives since one stores a lot of information on them.

When we talk about a solid disk this can be rewritten a limited number of times, lasting a few years less than a common disc which can even damage its mechanical parts with movement, so we must also be careful in that sense with a mechanical one.

Mechanical hard disk or solid state drive

¿Which is better? As you saw the main differences are three: