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Facebook launches new applications for iPhone and Android

Despite rumors of a possible mobile by Facebook, which the company has been denying for a long time, the expected announcement of the social network for this week has to do with applications. Specifically, with a new one for iPhone that includes a single registration function for third-party applications. According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, this new capability is designed to make it easier and faster to use any social application on smartphones by reducing the number of times users have to type in their username and password using the small keyboards. these terminals.

In addition, it has also launched Facebook Places and Groups for the Android platform. The Places application allows Android users to let their friends know which restaurants, bars, museums or theaters they are visiting and access their favorite groups from their phones with the version of Facebook Groups for the Google platform.

The social network has also launched Facebook Deals, a format that allows companies to provide mobile users with offers when they sign up on their Facebook page. For example, Gap gives away jeans to the first 10,000 customers and a restaurant offers Facebook users two entrees for the price of one. For now, this functionality is only available in the United States, but the company hopes to expand the offering to other countries shortly.

There will be no Facebook mobile

During his speech at the press conference, Zuckerberg insisted: “There are rumors about the creation of a phone by Facebook. Oh no”. The CEO of the largest social network delved into his speech about the company’s intention to make mobile phones more social and not to have one of its own.

Asked about applications for the iPad, Zuckerberg stated that he does not believe that the iPad is a mobile device, but “a computer.” The comment generated exclamations and laughter among the attendees, who reminded him that Apple would not agree with that comment, to which he added: “good, sorry.”

Minutes later, he seemed to reconsider and trying to ingratiate himself with Apple, Zuckerberg took up the subject and said that he did not mean to offend Apple and that many of the Facebook workers use the devices of this company.