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Erotic content reached the iPhone

It seems that Apple has opened its mind, surely helped by the integration of parental controls in the new iPhone, and has allowed an application with “explicit content” to be entered in the App Store. He has approved an application, the first, that shows images of women in lingerie and in suggestive attitudes.

Currently not available on the App Store, as indicated on the Tech Crunch site, the application is being updated to include naked bodies. But it could also be that Apple had changed its mind and removed the tool from its online app store. If the incorporation of this type of erotic content has been a milestone in the App Store, it is very unlikely that Apple will allow nudity, so it is very likely that this application will never return to the App Store (if it was ever available).

This is the direct link for the purchase of the aforementioned application, which is currently not active and which apparently has only been purchased for a few hours.