Downloads Download JuasApp for PCIf you usually read all of our articles, you will know that among the many ...

Downloads Download JuasApp for PCIf you usually read all of our articles, you will know that among the many …

If you usually read all of our articles, you will know that among the much information that we always try to offer our users, much of it has to do directly with the download or installation procedure of several of the best applications today. The first thing we have to mention in this regard is that today we are going to look at one of the best apps in the segment, to talk specifically about JuasApp, one about which we have been asked the most.

JuasApp is one of the best applications to make phone jokes from cell phones and tablets to other phone numbers, an application that we can use from anywhere in the world, and that of course, has been gaining a huge reputation in recent times. If you want to know how it works, you have to know that we can make jokes through calls from the centrals of the application, so that the person who is deceived never finds out who has really called.

With just pressing a button, the joke is done in just a couple of seconds, so that we can choose a specific phone number that we want to disturb, and after that, be witnesses and listen to the recording that will try to deceive the person on the other end of the phone. If you want to learn how to download and install JuasApp on your smartphone, in this article We are going to show you all the information that you should take into account, in order to make the most of the options of this platform.

Download JuasApp for free

The first thing you have to keep in mind if you want to install JuasApp is that you must have a computer that has a Windows operating system or Mac OS X. In any case, you have to download and install an Android emulator for computers later, being BlueStacks our favorite. In this article we will show you the step by step you must follow to install BlueStacks on your computer. Once you download and install the emulator, you have to add a Google account, in the same way as on a new mobile.

When you have finished with this first part of the procedure, the following has to do with downloading JuasaApp in the emulator, and if you already have it open and you are viewing this article through it, all you have to do is download the application from this official link. Once the application is downloaded, press on it to start it, and you will see that when it starts, it will ask you to add a phone number. You have to add one that you have on your mobile device, to avoid all kinds of problems.

Once you are inside the application, you have installed it and started using it, then you will find yourself with the possibility of enjoying up to a daily joke, to enjoy many of the main benefits of it. You have to keep in mind, at the same time, that you can buy more jokes, and even, It is possible to know the price list of the joke packages, as long as you click on the option to Acquire jokes. Any questions about this, as always, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have you been able to install JuasApp on your mobile with this step by step?