Does your ISP limit your Internet speed?  You can avoid it by using a free VPN

Does your ISP limit your Internet speed? You can avoid it by using a free VPN

Free VPN

Reasons to use a VPN in this 2019 I think are over, especially for those who are looking for a leap in terms of privacy of their data and browsing habits, or want to bypass a regional barrier that does not allow them to use a service or application in their countries. However, if you are a person who has never considered the need to use a VPN in the past, perhaps this post can open your eyes to a reality that you could be living right now without knowing it.

A little introduction to put us in context

ISP throttling or speed limitation by your internet provider, is perhaps one of the most infamous practices that many consumers of service suffer from in its home version, when our providers do not want or cannot maintain our connection speed that in theory we have hired. Although it is a subject that varies a lot from provider to provider and from country to country, it is true that many internet providers use techniques to limit the speed of your connection, when they can detect that you are using a very high bandwidth or a certain type of application such as P2P downloads, or file uploads to cloud storage services.

Specifically, my personal experience is that I have internet contracted with Claro Colombia, and although the internet service complies in general terms with the contracted speed, I did begin to notice for a while now that my provider was deliberately limiting me and almost blatant, the use of cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive that I could use without problems before.

ISP throttling

The ISP throttling may be a legitimate mechanism for your provider to protect the quality of the service, but unfortunately this is not always the case and it affects the neutrality of the network

I was able to show this more clearly when connecting my laptop in another house where they had internet contracted with another operator, being able to upload my files to these cloud services without any problem. But when I returned home and tried the same with my computer or mobile devices, it was again practically impossible to do so.

This is where for me personally and for a very particular use, free VPN services began to make sense, because the truth was I was not looking for privacy issues (many will know that using a free VPN just goes against that goal.), but because I was able to confirm that once you activate a VPN on your computer, your internet provider can no longer see the traffic on your network and therefore detect if you are using any of those services or ports that it has in its blacklists to limit your speed.

So, to make a long story short, the only thing we are going to need here is to install a free VPN service on your computer or smartphone for the sole purpose of avoiding ISP throttling or bandwidth limitation on your home internet connection. .

A word of warning

As I said at the beginning of this post, many look to VPN services to gain privacy, but if that is what you are really looking for, then never and I mean you should never use a free VPN service, as you already should to know, when something is free, it is because you are the product, and in this case what you give in exchange for a free VPN service is precisely access to your browsing data, and who knows what else, so privacy is ruined.

Free VPN

Although your ISP cannot see your data, free VPNs can, because everything goes through their servers, and that is the price you pay for the free service. If you don’t like that, you’d better use a paid VPN

So if you want privacy, you should definitely think about a paid VPN service that is obviously going to offer many advantages over a free one in terms of reliability and speed. However, if you only want, as in my case, to confirm if your internet provider is playing dirty with you with certain applications, you can consider a free VPN service that You should ONLY activate when you really need that your provider does not limit the speed, and then better to keep it off.

My personal recommendation

Recommending a free VPN service is a rather hairy job, because as the saying goes, you shouldn’t put your hand in the candle for anyone, so I’m just going to tell you that after much research, I opted for ProtonVPN , precisely because does not have a daily or monthly data limit, but if you handle other restrictions such as only one device per account and a maximum of 3 locations to choose from. As for privacy, I would not know what to say about it, because although the reviews are positive, it is difficult to know how much they could be doing with your data.

Free VPN