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Discover the algorithm of iTunes cards

The illegal cards are selling for a ridiculous price, about $ 10, and offer a $ 200 credit on the iTunes Store. The distribution of these codes or cards is carried out on online auction portals such as Taobao.

In a report released by the Outdustry consultancy, a consultancy specialized in the music industry in China, it has been revealed that at the moment the market is being flooded with this type of pirated cards and that they can even be obtained at 5 percent of its value. This same report indicates that these cards can be obtained at a price of about 10 dollars, but that it has been the case of sales of cards from 200 dollars to 2.60 dollars.

Most likely, Apple will quickly change the algorithm that generates prepaid cards, but at the moment no one knows the reactions it will take in this regard. In the event of a change, the situation in which the cards that are already on the market and that have been legitimately purchased will remain is unknown.