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Digidesign announces Pro Tools 8

The new interface has been enhanced with a more modern color palette, as well as higher contrast text and graphics, and houses an expanded set of creative tools for music creators, editors, mixers and post-production professionals.

New music creation features include:

Pro Tools | HD 8 enhances the capabilities of Pro Tools | HD audio hardware, with support for the new Satellite Link option, which allows users to control up to five Pro Tools | HD systems as one.

Also in Pro Tools LE versions

For project studio owners, Pro Tools LE 8 and Pro Tools M-Powered 8 have been expanded to support up to 48 simultaneous audio tracks. Additionally, the new Music Production Toolkit 2 or DV Toolkit 2 (Pro Tools LE only) give the user access to up to 64 audio tracks. And for Pro Tools LE users, the new Complete Production Toolkit (Pro Tools LE only) combines the content of both toolkits, offering up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks AND support for 7.1 surround mixing.

Pro Tools 8 will be available in late 2008 for Pro Tools | HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered systems based on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, as well as Windows Vista and XP.